Borjan Ilkovski is born on 8th of July 1998, in Skopje, Macedonia. Bono? Haha! Crazy Bono, with the microphone. He started his career as a DJ during his childhood while he was DJ on his parties and his sister’s parties in 2013 in Skopje.


Kristian Petreski – DJ Kicho comes from Gostivar.He was born on May 25.  1995 year His love for music led him to start a DJ career at only 15 years old, which after a few years he became one of the favorite DJs at the local level.As time passed, his potential was recognized in many other cities throughout Macedonia and quite famous clubs.He has performed together with many famous artists from the Balkans such as: Rasta, Nikolija, Relja, Crni Cerak, Pajak, Voyage, 2bona, Rimski & Corona, etc…

Balkan, Hip Hop.


Stefan Blazheski – ESTEPHANO comes from Krusevo.
Born on 1st of April. 1996 year. Starting at the age of 11, ESTEPHANO developed a love for music in general, learning to play on piano and syntisizer, he discovered various genres and beats, and later in his 15th year, he officially started his dj career, in his hometown Krusevo.

Double One

Known for his energetic performances, DJ Doubleone begins his “mission” back in 2015 as a semi-professional DJ at private parties. Already in 2018, together with the Trap Station movement, Doubleone has established himself as one of the best DJs in the environment, and later at the level of the whole country. From hip-hop, balkan parties to live sets, the universality and diversity of his performances are the main and driving element of Doubleone. He has performed in most clubs and discotheques in Macedonia such as Defacto, Stanica26, Centralpark Privilege, Avatar, Pulse, Space, Omnia etc.


Riste Kamchev, known as DJ Richie.
Hailing from Demir Kapija, Macedonia, DJ Richie got his start like so many DJs before
him—playing for friends at parties. 

Babura Junior

Jovan Petreski, also known as DJ Babura Junior was born in Skopje, on September 11, 1992. His passion for mixing music was inspired by DJ Babura (his uncle), the best DJ on the Macedonian public scene.

Mike rose

Mihail Stamenkov, also known as DJ Mike Rose comes from Kocani, Macedonia and starts his career at the age of 16, performing for close friends, celebrations and private parties.


Dj Che started to play as proffesional dj first acompaning his brother who is famous Macedonian singer Slatkar in 2014 . Later in 2016 he started his solo carreer as a hip hop & rnb and trap dj , playing in best Macenonian clubs. Now he is one of the best experienced domestic hip hop djs , playing home and international hip hop & rnb , trap music.


Džan Rustemov(djgoldie) HipHop & RnB-comercial DJ Started with djing in 2013 , first with private parties. His first official gig was in Stip in 2015 , from which he started his career as profesional dj.Today he is djing in most famous places in Macedonia as clique,angels caffe,coffe lab,rooftop brioni,nova caffe,escape,ti amo,gallactic Yolo etc…

Habanna Breeze Band

Vlatche Conga – Vlatko Pejovski – Congas, percussion DJ Kaponi – Aleksandar Kaponi Valisax – Valentin Vidovic – Saxophone Intro Habana Breeze Band is Latin House and reggaetton band from Skopje, created in 2019 with combination of DJ, Congas and Saxophone which have original show and performance with mix of hit songs create latin ambience and make parties in Macedonia’s clubs such as Code, Pulse, Casa Cubana and many others. 


17 years my dream lasts since I touched my first gig and still dreaming.
The feeling to make someone happy has a name cdj/Dj controller from where my latin house sound touch the audience.
Dreaming is part of our lives i still dream in harmony of my dj sets latino/latin house music.

Anna Noodle

A tech house and afro house DJ, as well an electronic music enthusiast, Anna Noodle comes out of Skopje, North Macedonia. She started playing music when she was 20 years old, as she was inspired by one of the greatest in the tech-house genre she represents, the king himself, Marco Carola. 


As being a professional dancer and a dance performer, Lil Diva is a mixture of art and dance itself. Offering an extravagant performance expressed in unique dance experience through various costumes.