Mihail Stamenkov, also known as DJ Mike Rose comes from Kocani, Macedonia and starts his career at the age of 16, performing for close friends, celebrations and private parties.Ever since he was a child, he has been in love with the Hip Hop culture and he develops a desire to study it and become a DJ.With his progress, steady learning and dedication, he receives offers to perform in some of the local clubs, where he starts to represent the hip hop culture as he experiences it and lives through it.At the beginning, he was mainly focused on spinning records from the “Old School” genre, but as time passed and the change in the taste of the music developed, he oriented himself towards the “New School” or commonly known as Trap.Apart from his city, other bigger clubs around the country start to take interest with him, which helps him in a short period of time to start going up the ladder and perform all over the country. In well known clubs, to yearly events and festivals and in front of big audiences.He has been active on the scene for 7 years now and a lot of people can confirm that when he is performing, he is very energetic on the stage and you can see that he enjoys to entertain the audience to the maximum.His current goal right now is to keep working on his skills and make it to some bigger events through-out the whole world.Also, he is a dedicated fan of the scratch culture, he enjoys playing around with records and is constantly learning new skills from it.If you are interested in how he sounds, you can check him out on mixcloud where he has recorded several mix tapes, of which his latest releases are “Gray Fields 1″ and ” Gray Fields 2″.