DJ Nastia Zoloto

DJ Nastia Zoloto is one of the most popular international LED Dj’s who represents her show in 34 countries around the world. 

She is 9 years on Stage! Big Festival  and Top Night Clubs experience.


The guests of more than 900 international clubs like WOW Club (Zurich, Switzerland), PACHA la Pineda (Spain), Open Bar (Finland),  and more. 

Around Europe, Asia, Africa her mixes and party-breaks are often broadcasted on the radios of USA and …

DJ Vandal Steve

Vandal Steve has a lot of experience playing many festivals and clubs all around the region, including Ultra Music Festival in Split, Croatia, Carnival in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain which is the biggest Carnival in Europe.He also has an impressive list of other festivals and shows he’s played across 14 countries like Love Fest, B&H Color Fest, Fortress Music Fest, Vibe Fest, Naissus, Soundlovers, Uranak Fest, Forestland and more.
Steve is also a resident DJ at NOA Beach Club, Zrce Beach, Croatia (currently #30 according to the DJ MAG Top100), another residency in Tenerife, Spain.When he’s not being a resident DJ, you can often find him playing in numerous clubs around BelgradeHe’s worked with big names such as Fisher, Steve Aoki, Kshmr, Fedde Le Grand, Danny Howard (BBC Radio 1), Dom Dolla, Paco Osuna, Mochakk, Dannic, Zonderling, etc., so his experience speaks for itsef. He ranks as one of the top tier best-known mainstream DJs in Serbia and South East Europe.On top of that Vandal Steve is one of the few DJs in Europe that mixes live on 4 decks, playing up to four songs at a time. His unique show proves his technical skill set with this extended set up based on 4 Pioneer DJ music players as you’ll see later on.Vandal Steve is a real music lover, dedicated to his audience, live shows and music production which are not restricted to a single genre but are diverse to entertain the audience.




Hello guys ,
this are my serbian djs Anna Mill & Vandal Steve.
They perform separately , but they also have one new successful music project , which includes 2 live instruments and dj set
Take a close look of their portfolios.


Hello guys ,
this is my fresh serbian project BELGRADE SHOW hosted by DJ MIKE RIDE, considered as best serbian dj at the moment.


Hello guys ,
this is my serbian dj ,model,influencer and UNICEF ambasador LEA


Two best friends that decided to take the world of music to a whole new level and reach the very top. Emerging from the lands of Serbia, with sole purpose to show their music to the world and directly leave their mark for the generations to come, Divolly & Markward are DJ’s/producers with more than 15 Million Spotify streams and growing rapidly. Considered to be as one of the rising stars in house music scene according to …


First Greek Dj to appear at Ultra Music Festival 2014 in Croatia.First Greek Dj to ever do his own 7 city tour in India.First Greek DJ to ever do his own 5 show tour in the U.S.

DJ Kicho

Kristian Petreski – DJ Kicho comes from Gostivar.He was born on May 25.  1995 year His love for music led him to start a DJ career at only 15 years old, which after a few years he became one of the favorite DJs at the local level.As time passed, his potential was recognized in many other cities throughout Macedonia and quite famous clubs.He has performed together with many famous artists from the Balkans such as: Rasta, Nikolija, Relja, Crni Cerak, Pajak, Voyage, 2bona, Rimski & Corona, etc…

Balkan, Hip Hop.


Stefan Blazheski – ESTEPHANO comes from Krusevo.
Born on 1st of April. 1996 year.
Starting at the age of 11, ESTEPHANO developed a love for music in general, learning to play on piano and syntisizer, he discovered various genres and beats, and later in his 15th year, he officially started his dj career, in his hometown Krusevo.
His live performances are always captivating and energetic, combining a wide variety of genres such as house, trap and balkan; in a short period of time his potential is known far and wide, so ESTEPHANO can boast with his performances in the best clubs and festivals in every city of Macedonia.
With an extensive performance schedule that never stops, ESTEPHANO is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after DJs at the moment.

DJ Double One

Known for his energetic performances, DJ Doubleone begins his “mission” back in 2015 as a semi-professional DJ at private parties. Already in 2018, together with the Trap Station movement, Doubleone has established himself as one of the best DJs in the environment, and later at the level of the whole country. From hip-hop, balkan parties to live sets, the universality and diversity of his performances are the main and driving element of Doubleone. He has performed in most clubs and discotheques in Macedonia such as Defacto, Stanica26, Centralpark Privilege, Avatar, Pulse, Space, Omnia etc.

DJ Babura Junior

Jovan Petreski, also known as DJ Babura Junior was born in Skopje, on September 11, 1992. His passion for mixing music was inspired by DJ Babura (his uncle), the best DJ on the Macedonian public scene.
He started playing in 2009 in local bars, dance clubs, and all kinds of events. Later on, he became part of the Greatest Hits Macedonia EDM festival for 6 years and counting. Now he is performing in clubs across the country. His genres include mixing house music with all of the sub-genres. In the summer of 2019, he was playing music on the island of Hvar (Croatia) in Pub Har and Kalavanda Music Bar, which he recalls as one of the best experiences he had playing music that year. During the Corona – crisis, and the quarantines in 2020-21, he has been the most current and the only DJ who worked non-stop, and all the videos and quarantine parties found on social media, of him, constantly entertaining people, serve as proof.

Mike rose

Mihail Stamenkov, also known as DJ Mike Rose comes from Kocani, Macedonia and starts his career at the age of 16, performing for close friends, celebrations and private parties.
Ever since he was a child, he has been in love with the Hip Hop culture and he develops a desire to study it and become a DJ.With his progress, steady learning and dedication, he receives offers to perform in some of the local clubs, where he starts to represent the hip hop culture as he experiences it and lives through it.
At the beginning, he was mainly focused on spinning records from the “Old School” genre, but as time passed and the change in the taste of the music developed, he oriented himself towards the “New School” or commonly known as Trap.Apart from his city, other bigger clubs around the country start to take interest with him, which helps him in a short period of time to start going up the ladder and perform all over the country. In well known clubs, to yearly events and festivals and in front of big audiences.He has been active on the scene for 7 years now and a lot of people can confirm that when he is performing, he is very energetic on the stage and you can see that he enjoys to entertain the audience to the maximum.His current goal right now is to keep working on his skills and make it to some bigger events through-out the whole world.Also, he is a dedicated fan of the scratch culture, he enjoys playing around with records and is constantly learning new skills from it.If you are interested in how he sounds, you can check him out on mixcloud where he has recorded several mix tapes, of which his latest releases are “Gray Fields 1″ and ” Gray Fields 2″.